Greenham and Crookham Commons Act 2002

As described in the Background page the West Berkshire Council decided to promote a Bill to enable them to control and manage the two commons as a single entity. Shortly after gaining ownership of the commons a bill was drafted and presented to parliament by the then M.P. David Rendel in 1997. This was to set up a Commission consisting of appointed representatives from bodies with direct interest in the commons and of elected commoners that would manage the commons on behalf of W.B.C. This was finally passed in 2002.

The introduction chapter of the Act is a concise explanation of its purpose:-

An Act to restore land at and in the vicinity of the Greenham and Crookham Commons as common land open to the public; to make provision for the conservation of the natural beauty of that land; to grant public access over that land in perpetuity and to make provision with that public access; to restore and extend commoners rights over that land; to constitute the Greenham and Crookham Common Commission for the management of that land; to confer powers on the West Berkshire District Council and on that Commission with respect to that land; and for connected and other purposes.

This Act sets out the legal framework within which the West Berkshire Council and the Commons Commission must work to carry out their duties to meet the vision set out in that introduction.

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