Regulations and Public Access

The Commons before the Act had separate bye-laws; it became incumbent on the Commission to draw up new regulations for the combined Common. These are now agreed.

Public access is allowed over the whole common on foot but there are certain exceptions. During the period of April to July public are requested to keep to footpaths in open areas. There are many ground nesting birds and it is necessary to disturb them as little as possible. Horse riders and cyclists are required to keep to tracks that physically exist on the ground at all times to prevent deterioration of the heathland.

The Regulations are adopted and are as set out in Schedule 2 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. as shown below. (Based on Schedule 2, section 2 of CROW Act 2000 "general restrictions". Numbers in brackets refer to paragraphs in schedule 2, section 2)

Visitors are respectfully asked to note that it is an offence to:

  1. Camp or light fires. (para 1 e and f)
  2. Intentionally or recklessly take, kill, injure or disturb any animal, bird, nest, egg, plant, shrub, tree or root. (para 1 f, g, l)
  3. Fly any kite or model aircraft between the 1st March and the 31st July
  4. Fly any noisy model aircraft at all times of year. (para 1 f, g, r)
  5. Use a metal detector. (para 1 k)
  6. Release or move any animal, bird, fish or plant. (not specifically covered under this schedule, but is covered under other legislation)
  7. Disturb or damage any fences, gates, cattle grids, signs or structures. (para 1 n)
  8. Allow a dog to roam off a lead on open heathland or grassland, or in woodland between the 1st March and 31st July except in 2 stipulated zones near to the car parks at the top of Greenham Road and Crookham Hill. (para 1 f, g. also 4 and 5 - not adopted)
  9. Erect notices or advertisements. (para 1 p)
  10. Engage in any commercial activity. (para 1 t)
  11. Carry any firearm or compressed air weapon.
  12. Feed disturb or interfere with the livestock. (para 1 h)
  13. Motorised vehicles are not permitted on the Common, apart from invalid carriages as defined by section 20(2) of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970 and these are restricted to defined paths on the Common

In addition the following paragraphs are added:

u) Invalid carriages as in para.2 (1)(a) are restricted to defined paths for the benefit of the safety of the driver.

v) Dogs unleashed are permitted from 1st August to 28th February provided they are kept under strict control

w) The flying of any model aircraft driven by the combustion of petrol vapour or other combustible substances, the taking off or (except in the case of accident or other sufficient cause) the landing of a glider or any other aircraft, and the flying of any glider or aircraft in such a manner as to be likely to cause undue interference with the enjoyment of the common by persons lawfully on it.