Countryside Events

West Berkshire Countryside Service produce a booklet of news and events. This covers all of the West Berkshire area and naturally includes Greenham and Crookham Commons. This can be viewed at

Alternatively visit the West Berkshire Council's Website page.

Special events

There have been applications received by various bodies, such as for orienteering, and foot races. These are judged on their merits but more often are approved subject to conditions. The British Driving Society applied on behalf of Riding for the Disabled to have the occasional drive. As a horse carriages might be described as a vehicle this was a difficult judgment. It was agreed that, provided sufficient notice was given to the Ranger and no more than two carriages were employed, approval was given.

A Park Run is held every Saturday starting at 9.00a.m. from Greenham Business Park, by Venture West Building. Visit to find out more.

A single malor event is due to be held over the 9th and 10th on September. See below in General-Events