Commission Members

The Commission is comprised of 20 members, ten of whom are elected commoners and ten appointed representatives of various bodies. It sits for a three year period and is next subject to re-constitution on 1st May 2018. Any listed commoner is entitled to stand for election and only listed commoners may vote. West Berkshire Council arranges and controls the voting procedure. It has to be understood that all commoners entitled rights are subject to the property and not to the individual owner. Properties and current owners listing is held by WBC.

The bulk of duties placed on the Commission by the Act requires it to use reasonable endeavours to exercise its functions in a manner which: -

(a) restores and conserves the Common as a peaceful place of natural beauty and in particular, conserves its flora and fauna and ecological, archeological geological and physiographical features

(b) conserves any part of the Common which is a site of special scientific interest

(c) subject to paragraphs (a) and (b) above -

  1. promotes and improves grazing on the Common
  2. promotes educational activities related to the Common land, in particular, encourages public awareness of the ecological, cultural and historic significance of the Common and any open space
  3. manages the Common and any additional open space as a place open to the public for recreational purposes
  4. facilitates the exercise of commoners' rights on the Common

It requires the Council and the Commission to exercise their functions in a manner which implements the policy set out in the Management Plan, also to maintain a register of commoners and commoners' rights. BBOWT under its lease acts for the Council for this duty, but the Council remains responsible under the Act.

Current Commissioners

There are currently 2 free appointment places due to the CENTRAL COUNCIL FOR PHYSICAL RECREATION withdrawing from the Commission.
Name Representing Email
Chris Tufnell  Elected Chairman. Commoner
Chris Austin  Vice Chair. Commoner
Tony Ferguson Greenham Common Trust
Dominic Boeck West Berkshire Council
Billy Drummond
Greenham Parish Council
Julian Swift-hook Newbury Town Council
Sheila Ellison West Berkshire Council
Derek Emes Conservation Volunteers
Anne Johnson Thatcham Town Council
Nicole Rorie Commoner
Derek Cutt                                     Commoner
Derek John Nutley Commoner
Mel Gatward Commoner
Frank Huxtable Commoner                                                                                      
Ken Neal Commoner
John D. Thorogood Commoner
Michael  C. Williams Commoner


Name Representing                                                              Email
Paul Hendry (Countryside) West Berks Council                                
Alex Cruickshank  BBOWT
Adrian Wallington (Ranger) BBOWT
Sarah Adams    Acting Clerk